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Kangol Kid

Hip Hop Legend

Parents dream of their children growing up to be Doctors, Lawyers or Naval Academy Grads. Kangol's father was no exception. As a Haitian-born taxi-driver, Kangol’s dad urged his son to go to college to pursue one of these goals, but Kangol had other plans. As he says, "After many years of watching the Jackson Five, Sylvers, Osmond Brothers and Tom Jones, I knew what I was destine to do". In this case, Kangol made the right choice. A year later, he was asked to join rap group, Whodini as a breakdancer, then months later, he and his group U.T.F.O., became the number one Rap and Breakdance act in the country. While "Roxanne, Roxanne", their phenomenal top 10 single screamed up the charts, U.T.F.O. were voted best rap group, at the Urban Music Awards, had featured spots on Don Cornelius' Soul Train, Phil Donahue Show and performed live for actor, Dustin Hoffman, Tony Danza and was the first rap group to perform at Harlem's World Famous Apollo Theater as they opened for Hall & Oates and Temptation's Eddie Kendrick’s and David Ruffin.

Kangol Kid (born Shaun Fequiere) acquired his nickname from neighborhood friends, because of the many Kangol hats he owns and wears. He is also officially sponsored by Kangol Headwear, Inc. and is Hip-Hop’s FIRST product endorsed artist. Kangol wears many hats in his profession. He balances his time between Producer, Composer, Performer, Artist Manager, Songwriter, President of his music production company, Kangol's Kreations, Inc., and CEO of his Public Relations firm, Kreative Entertainment Group. Kangol’s lecturing to High School and College students nationwide on today's business of music has led this Brooklynite to receiving a proclamation from the City of New York for being the first Haitian in Hip-Hop Music.

In 1985, he wrote and composed a song on "Lisa-Lisa and Cult Jam with Full Force" platinum album. Later that year, he formed, managed and produced the immensely popular rap/singing group, "Whistle". In 1986, Whistle's first single, "(Nothin' Serious) Just Buggin'" (written and produced by Kangol and Howie Tee) became an international hit which contains a distinct whistling sample that can be heard scratched on Will Smith’s and other various recordings. And though Kangol has no time to play any sports, he found the time to produce Baseball Superstar Darryl Strawberry's (of then N.Y. Mets) rap record "Chocolate Strawberry" then later wrote the theme song for Scottie Pippen's (of the Chicago Bulls) Sega CD Rom "Slam City".

In 1987, UTFO released their biggest album entitled "Lethal". The title song featured the rock group "Anthrax" and later that year became the NUMBER ONE RAP ALBUM in the country. Two years later he outgrew the challenge of being a group member and put on his producer's hat only to produce a re-make of Heatwave's "Always & Forever" for Whistle which also became a Top 10 seller. His newfound success landed more producing projects with Gerardo, 7669, Cheryl "Pepsii" Riley . . . and more.

Kangol is notorious for re-inventing himself. Besides writing and producing songs, he has recorded voice-overs for various MTV commercials & animations, jingles for NY's HOT 97 and wrote his own column in Black Beat magazine entitled "Yo Kangol". The column was designed to answer music related questions for up & coming artists nationwide. He later embarked in the world of cinema and scored his first independent film entitled “Nightmare” which later won an award for “Best Movie Score”.

Today the Kangol sound can be heard on Female R&B groups “3LW” and "Blaque", Latin/Pop group "C-Note" who both coincidentally recorded a remake of Kangol's "Right Next To Me". The Yo Kangol column can be found in monthly in while up & coming projects include scoring the independent motion picture “The Other Side of Hip-Hop”. Kangol’s most admired hat is the one he wears as a philanthropist. He crusades nationwide bringing awareness to the fight against breast cancer as co-founder of “Mama Luke” (Hip-Hop’s Fight Against Breast Cancer). In more exciting news: Kangol Kid’s hat will be inducted in the Smithsonian Museum in the summer of 2016.

Kangol - It's more than just a hat.