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DJ Gully

Professional DJ

Mike "DJ Gully" Jones is a multi-faceted entertainer / DJ based out of the West Indian populated East Flatbush / Brownsville (90's) section of Brooklyn, New York. The word "Gully" in Jamaican terminology can be a urban impoverished area. A Gully can be defined as a trench, ravine

or small valley. A fellow Jamaican DJ named DJ Gully for his fearlessness of playing any genre of music to showcase his musical versatility.

As a youth, Gully naturally took an interest in DJ'ing due to having a front row seat to his uncles and cousins selectin' on their sound system,

college radio shows, and mobile DJ gigs in NYC, NJ and PA. Under the tutelage of DJ Chanainsaw, DJ DRM, and a few other DJ friends and

family it didn't take long for Gully to learn the fundamentals of DJ'ing (cuttin'/scratchin/blendin') selectin' and juggling due to his knack for

being a sponge and quick learner! He over payed his dues by carrying, stringing and setting up heavy DJ equipment for many events in the Tri-

State area in the late 1990's.

DJ Gully spent many hours practicing his new passion and making personal mix CD's for friends and family. He looked forward to the opportunity obtain "on the job" training live a events to gain instant feedback from the audience. Gully took a special interest in dancehall reggae and became known as a specialist in the sub-genre. Gully would play tunes recorded well before his time, surprising elders with his insight of knowing what, when and how to play hits of their heyday!

Gully would also gain toastin'/mc'ing experience while selectin' on Hype Zone, Island Superia and Demolition Sounds respectively. It was a

natural progression for him due to his talkative, confident, and assertive personality. It also helps that he has the ability to be quick witted and

think fast on his feet. So much so, that many encourage him to try his hand at stand-up comedy!

DJ Gully's dedication would eventually lead him to spread his wings to DJ many events such as but not limited to:

MC & SC events, ski trips, community block parties, weddings, baby showers, birthday celebrations, funeral re-passes, boxing events, fashion

shows, artist showcases, corporate events, holiday parties, boat rides, celebrity bike and car washes and much more!


~ DJ / Radio Personality on Taboo Talk Radio (NY, NY)

~ DJ / Radio Personality on Triple 9HD (Brooklyn, NY)

~ DJ / Radio Personality on World (Stroudsburg, PA)

~ DJ / Host / Producer on Caribbean Video Hitz (Brooklyn, NY)

~ Resident DJ at Ice Lounge (E. Stroudsburg, PA)

~ Resident DJ at Damon's (Stroudsburg, PA)

~ Resident DJ at Red Room (Stroudsburg, PA)

~ Resident DJ at Brooklyn Sports Bar & Lounge ( Wilkes Barre, PA)

~ Resident DJ at Vivid Lounge & Cafe (Brooklyn, NY)

~ Resident DJ at Footprints Cafe (Brooklyn, NY)

~ Resident DJ at Lorri's Bikini Lounge (Brooklyn, NY)

~ DJ for G.A.S Last Saturday at Club Secrets (Delaware Water Gap, PA)

~ TJ Graham (Former Buffalo Bills WR) Skills Challenge Charity Event (NC)

~ North State Law Enforcement Officers Association Banquet (Raleigh, NC)

~ Featured DJ at Casino Night (Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic)

~ Featured DJ at West Indian Day Parade (Brooklyn, NY)

~ Featured DJ at Miami Carnival (Miami, FL)

~ Featured DJ at Major Event (Kingston, Jamaica)

~ Artist Showcase at Bad Boy Studios (New York, NY)

~ Dirty Ryderz MC In-house DJ (Brooklyn, NY)

~ Square Biz MC In-house DJ (Queens, NY)

~ DJ at Myrtle Beach Bike Week (Myrtle Beach, SC)